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One Summer at Ril Lake


Margery Reynolds 

Laptop & Coffee

Script & Film

Got an idea for a movie?

Jay is our resident film maker, script writer, cinematographer, director. Got a work in progress and need some help? Talk to Jay. Consultation fees start at $75 per hour. 

Editing - Copy, Line and Developmental

What kind of editing do you need?

We provide all forms of editing for your manuscripts, blogs, short stories, business documents and more. Prices vary by word count and service. We aim to provide affordable prices, and payment structures catered to our client's needs.

For a D.E. of your manuscript, you should set aside roughly:

$450 up to 60K words

$600 to 80K words

$750 to 100K words

For copy and line editing between .02 and .05 cents per word. 

Contact us for further details on pricing, payments structures and contracts.

Laptop & Coffee
Open Magazines


From concept to finished product we can help!



Need help getting started? Any member of our team can help with story development. 


We can help you stick to deadlines, set achievable goals and push the moments of self doubt we often feel. 

We are here to help you make your project the best it can be. 

Pricing begins at $75 for the initial consultation, $50 per hour after that.  Prices vary by client and the amount of coaching required. 

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Margery Reynolds

Editor/Author/Life Coach


Jason Lupish

Writer/Script Editor/Film Maker


Allison Carroll

Editor/Author/Branding and Marketing Specialist

People had this to say...

When I was working on my first historical novel, told in intersecting narratives from three points of view in three time periods, Margery and I traded manuscripts to beta read for each other. Margery’s review and comments (both specifically noted in track changes and in a separate general overview) were both insightful and helpful, for each main character and era. I also enjoyed reading her novel, a fun cozy mystery that brought 1930s small town Canada to life with spot on characters and setting. She is a professional, friendly, detailed, and honest critic, who aims to help authors improve their work. Having her eyes on a manuscript is bound to benefit its writing, character development, and plot. I’ve known and interacted with Margery for several years now, at various writing events, and have nothing but good things to say about her.

Testimonial: Margery was a beta reader for me. In that capacity, I found her very thorough giving detailed analysis of what she enjoyed about my story and how she reacted to what she was reading. She was appalled at what I went through and applauded my determination to get to the bottom of things. She made some editing comments in the margin along with suggestions for rephrasing for better clarity. Her suggestions strengthened my work, and I was very grateful for her help.

Nancy Taber

Janice Barrett

This is all great stuff….Thank you especially for the catch. You're absolutely right…that would have been an awful mistake. I'm also going to give some serious thought to the beginning. I suspect you're right. As far as wanting (more) comments go, yes there is a time to write The End and underline it, but even while perfecting my query I don't think it's too late to be improving the manuscript. You've given me a really thoughtful response and I am extremely grateful.


I had a story consultation with Margery Reynolds. It was eye opening, inspiring, and informational. Margery worked with me to work through plot holes and character inconsistencies. She helped me come up with ideas on how to fix problems and add to the storyline. She offered priceless advice and brought a high level of expertise to the table. Not only was the session informative and incredibly helpful, it was fun! I can’t recommend her services enough!

Sarah A

Danielle Walsh

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