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Book Review - The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Book Review: I listened to this on Audible while I was crocheting. Even better than TV! Of the five Susanna Kearsley books I've read so far, this is my favourite. Perhaps it's my love of genealogy, or the idea that our ancestors find ways to pass messages along to us, or that in my own writing I am retelling the stories of some of my own ancestors. Just like the main character in The Winter Sea, it sometimes feels as if they are speaking to me. And, like her, things I thought I had made up, I later discovered were true. Interestingly, my Main Character in "Clara" was, in real life, a Gordon, just as she is in the story and her father's name was Thomas, just like the man in The Winter Sea - who was also a real man in history. It makes me wonder if that Thomas Gordon and our Thomas Gordon were related somehow. Like all of Susanna's books the historical side of this was interesting but it is the way she weaves her characters in and out of that history that always impresses me. Her descriptions leave the reader feeling as if they were standing right there in the scene with her characters. And all of them are are all delightful in every way they are supposed to be or villainous if that's their role. And then there are the twists. Just when I thought all was lost, for Sophia, Susanna threw in a lovely twist at the end which made me sigh and say, "Ah, well that makes sense, doesn't it?"

Five stars for this book and Five stars for the reader on Audible, who was amazingly brilliant with accents, and both male and female voices.

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