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Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary McKinnon

With every novel Hannah Mary McKinnon turns out, her story telling gets better and better. It is what we expect, I suppose, so it shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me when I read this one, that it would be great! Still, the minute I finished it, I couldn't help sending her a quick message to say OMG. What a great book!

It is no secret that Lucas Forester has hired a hit man/person to kill his wife. He's after her money of course. What else would the motive be? But hang on for the wild ride as the plan he has masterminded begins to unravel before his (and our) very eyes. His criminal past, his associations and past deeds are about to catch up with him and while we hate that he did what he did, we cannot help feeling sorry for him. And all the while there is this nagging feeling that we are certain we know who is behind his undoing. But do we? Just when you think you've got it figured out, there's another twist. Hannah crafts her characters so well that as each tidbit of information is revealed we are still not quite sure of what is really going on. It's a constant, fast paced, guessing game since things we think we know, are not as they seem.

Never Coming Home is Hannah's 5th novel in the family suspense/thriller genre. Her others, The Neighbors, Her Secret Son, Sister Dear, and You Will Remember Me are all equally riveting, but Never Coming Home, tops them all in my opinion.

Her first novel, Time After Time, is a romantic story, a far cry from the suspense-filled tales she weaves now but truly worth a read.

For more information about Hannah and how to get your "sticky mitts" onto her books, visit her website.

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