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Releasing more than just a new book

I think I held my breath for two full days, that's 48 hours, while I waited for Amazon's algorithms to decide if my book was print worthy or not and then to finally release it into the wilds of novel buying land. It is my first officially published novel, though not the first manuscript I have written. As some people are aware, I've had other pans in the fire for a few years now. But I took the advice of a good friend who suggested I try something completely different that might see some results quickly, rather than toiling endlessly over "Clara" my labour of love from the historical fiction genre.

I was a little nervous about starting something new, but also pleasantly surprised by how quickly the ideas for One Summer came to me. And not for just this one, but a series of stories all set in and around the same area of the Muskoka Region of Ontario that I love to visit. One Summer at Ril Lake is the first, the second currently has a working title of One Spring at Ril Lake and the third, which I plan to release next year, around this time, will be One Christmas at Ril Lake. Perhaps we need One Autumn at Ril Lake in between. We'll see. The characters in each are different and they are stand-alone novels, so you don't need to read them in any particular order.

And so, as I released my 48 hour hold on my breath and saw the book actually LIVE on Amazon, it amazed me how quickly friends and family responded. You are all wonderful and thank you for your encouragement and your support, whether or not you purchased the book. Just the congratulations I received was inspiring and so very humbling. However, if you did purchase a book, or you do in the future, please post a review as it helps boost my ratings on both Amazon and on Goodreads so that other people can find my book too.

With much love and gratitude to you all,

Margery (aka Dale Margery Rutherford)

You can follow this link to Amazon where you can purchase either an e-book or a paperback. Thank you!

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