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What should I read next?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

As a Developmental Editor, a member of 2 critique groups, a beta reader, a story competition judge, previously the owner of a book store, and avid reader I see a lot of stories. Some are great, some good, others not bad and there are those that need some work but somewhere between the lines, there is a story.

I went to book signings and purchased and read, from cover to cover, books I had little or no interest in simply because I felt if the author had taken the time to create it, the least I could do was read it. However. life has changed drastically for me in the past few years.

Now in my mid 60s and having read more books than I can remember, I have concluded there isn't enough time left for me to read even the really great books, let alone the mediocre ones. So being a bit fussy about what I read my "couldn't do it" shelf on Goodreads is getting larger all the time. Some books don't even make it that far.

But reading like all creative arts, is subjective. You like Crime, he likes Mystery. She likes Memoirs, they only read comedy or "How To" manuals. There is something to be said for stretching your boundaries, and I have and will continue to do that but never, never, never will I read a book just because I started it and think I should finish it. If I'm not "feeling the love," it's going to be donated. No offence to anyone. Writing is hard work and it takes a great deal of courage to put yourself and your art out there in front of people. I respect that. But there are far too many great books out there waiting to be read to spend time on those that aren't. Take other people's reviews with a grain of salt. Read a sample before you buy and most of all, don't feel guilty if you just couldn't get through it. You'll be happier in the long run.

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